Agent 1.22

What started as an aspiring web series on 2007, the “Agent 1.22” comic book is the cornerstone of the Agent 1.22 franchise. Issue 0 sets the stage for our four-part mini-series where we explore the mystery that is the Agency’s top cyborg operative and her struggle to save the Earth from invasion, while discovering who she really is..

Agent 1.22 is a cyborg operative of Project: T.E.R.R.A. (Technologically Enhanced Regimented Reconnaissance Agent), run by the world-protecting Agency. Before every mission, she is thawed out and her next mission is downloaded into her brain. She is currently tasked with finding a cure for the insidious Tempest Virus that is ravaging the Outer Colonies. Every time she finishes an op, she is debriefed, mind-wiped, and frozen.

Who is Agent 1.22? How did she become a cyborg? Can she stop the dreaded Tempest Virus before it makes its way to Earth?